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In the past 3 years the global hypertext information network of the World Wide Web[Berners-Lee et al.1994] has seen exponential growth and become the de facto standard for internet based information systems. This expansion has been fueled by the availability of free graphical browsing tools (such as Mosaic and Netscape) and also by the simplicity of creating "Web Pages" with hypertext links to any other information sources on the internet. This exploratory study examines the "bibliometrics" of the World Wide Web based on both analysis of over 30 gigabytes of web pages collected by the Inktomi "Web Crawler" and on the use of the DEC AltaVista search engine for cocitation analysis of a set of Earth Science related WWW sites. The statistical characteristics of web documents and their hypertext links are examined, along with examination of the characteristics of highly cited web documents.

Ray Larson
Mon Jul 29 09:00:12 PDT 1996