Ray's Very Own Alternate Home Page

Welcome to my very own unofficial WWW server -- There used to be a button to take you to the Sequoia 2000 web site -- but it has disappeared with the reorganization of the SDSC web site. The Berkeley Sequoia site is here.

If you came here looking for things Sherlockian, sorry. I'm a fan but don't have anything online here. You probably should check out the Sherlockian Holmepage maintained by Chris Redmond.

Some Interesting Sites

  • ANU Art History
  • Ukiyo-e -- Japanese WoodBlock Prints
  • Another very fine site for Ukiyo-e
  • Cave paintings
  • Welcome to the UCMP

    Digital Libraries

    The following are pointers to Digital Library related information, particularly those (like Berkeley) that are part of the NSF/ARPA/NASA Digital Libraries Initiative.

  • Papers, etc. on Digital Libraries

  • Geographic Information Retrieval and GIS

    The following are sites supporting Geographic information systems, or active maps of geographic areas.

    The following are sites associated with Information Retrieval research including technical reports, etc.

    Fun and Games and Interesting Stuff

    Ray R. Larson

    School of Information Management and Systems

    University of California, Berkeley

    Berkeley, California 94720-4600

    But I'd rather be here in Bora Bora.